y experience as a both a performer and music teacher has helped me to develop a practical patient approach to teaching music. I have a BA in Music Performance from Sonoma State University and a BA in Communications from Marquette University. I have had the honor of studying guitar with Sid Jacobs, Randy Vincent, Steve Erquiaga, Anthony Peterson and Warren Nunes. I have been with the Community Music Center since 2001, and teaching privately for over 10 years. Recently, I joined the staff of the Jazz Master's Workshop founded by Bruce Forman. (Please see Bio for performance experience)

As a teacher, I enjoy connecting with students and passing down the knowledge that was so graciously passed down to me. I have tremendous respect for the tradition of sharing musical knowledge and the enrichment it brings to our community. I listen to my students suggestions and pay attention to the music they enjoy. I look forward to working with you towards your musical goals.

From beginner to advanced guitarist:

For kids and beginners: I take a thorough and patient approach to ensure a foundation of the basics of music. We'll work with strumming/picking chords, scales, music notation, rhythm, and learning songs. I focus on helping you to set clear goals, organize your practice routine, and find examples in the music you love.

For intermediate players: we focus on designing a practice routine that with persistence will yield results. We will address music theory, fret board knowledge, ear training, chord knowledge, scales, improvisational tools, and more, with a focus towards applying them in a real playing situation.

For advanced players: we will expand your repertoire, transcribe music, draw examples from the concepts of the masters of Jazz, Bebop, Bossa Nova, Funk, Blues, Rock and more. We will get specific about your immediate and long term goals. I focus on helping you develop a practice approach that will lead you to the path of mastery.

Feel free to contact me with any questions here:
pg@patrickgreene.com or 415.613.8975

Sliding scale and special rates available for steady students!

Want lessons in your home? Rates vary. Please inquire.


Patrick Greene